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With over 20,000 square feet of pallet storage space currently available, Egbert's strategically located warehouse offers ample storage space for any type of material; palletized or otherwise. Some of our warehouse storage offerings & benefits are:


- Per-Diem, Month-to-month and yearly storage at low, flat rates

- No contracts or set-up fees

- Palletization of material upon request

- Safe & secure warehouse with a state of the art security system



Archive Management


The rule of thumb is that a business should keep at least 7 years of records pertaining to the operations of the business. The main deterrent which keeps an establishment from holding onto this amount of paperwork is free space. This is where Egbert can offer help. Currently, we have over 10,000 square feet of archive storage space available. Some of the benefits and offerings are:


- Per-Diem, month-to-month and yearly storage at low, flat rates 


- No contracts or set-up fees


- Complimentary storage boxes, which will be delivered to your place of business at your convenience.


- Same-day pick-up & delivery


- State-of-the-art archive management software constantly monitoring your records within our secure warehouse


- All archives are secured with an anti-tampering sticker, bar-coded, scanned, and hand-placed on shelving as soon as it arrives at our facility.


- Shredding and/or recycling service available for expired archives