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Industry Solutions


Since each and every individual shipment poses its' own unique challenges, and in turn requires unique solutions, it makes sense to apply this same logic to specific industries. No one industry should be approached with an "one size fits all" mind-set. At Egbert Express we have taken it a step further; we tailor logistic solutions on a customer-by-customer basis. When you hire Egbert, you will be assigned a team which includes a current region-specific logistic manager, contract & pricing analyst, and a customer service representative to create a proposal specifically tailored to your delivery needs. It all part of our Flow-Motion guarantee!    


Here are a few of the wide variety of industry-specific logistic solutions Egbert Express offers our customers;


-  Print and Publishing

-  E-Commerce (Warehouse & Residential)

-  Legal

-  Aerospace

-  Finance and Accounting 

-  Pharmaceutical

-  Mining

-  Last Mile (Residential)

-  Healthcare Services

-  Energy

-  Retail