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     Technology is important at Egbert and it is integrated into every job. Our new, user-friendly delivery software allows customers to place their order on-line, track it, and receive detailed reports with the click of the mouse; and all in real time! By incorporating modern technology into our everyday operations, your delivery experience is now hassle-free.



Some of the key benefits of using our TMS software are; 



Secure Account: When you create an account with us, you receive a personal user-name & password.


Shipper's Choice: You have the option to use our software via the web or download the quick-entry desktop application and have it open at all times for quick access.


Unlimited Support: Our tech team is standing by 24/7 to help you get started with online ordering and any questions you may have.


Past-Order History: Your past orders are automatically saved so you can easily reference them in the future. 


Electronic POD: No more waiting for the paper POD. Now you can see the time your shipment was delivered and the actual signature of the person who signed for it, within seconds of the actual delivery!


Easy on the Eyes: We all know learning new software functions is a pain to begin with, why add an unattractive and overwhelming design layout to the chaos. Our software's modern and basic design enables our customers to get up and running within minutes. 


Mobility: Order on-the-go via our phone app, which is compatible with Android and iPhone.


Knowledge is Powerful: With our real-time GPS tracking of all vehicles, you will always know the status of your shipment, so you can make better business decisions.


Green is Good: Print waybills & shipping labels with bar-codes directly from your printer. Whether you place the order online or over the phone, all customers are offered paperless billing via the web.


Shipment: Our software will inform you of cut-off times for consolidated services


Affordability: We don't charge our customers to use our software. In fact, when you create an account with us an automatic discount of 15% is applied to your first online order!


Auto-fill: Our customer's favorite feature is the auto-fill function. Our software will automatically remember past shipments so you only have to enter your shipment information once. It saves minutes when seconds count.