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Egbert's Flow-Motion Guarantee


Flow-Motion: the art of moving from point A to Point B in a fluid, forward motion in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.


OK, so we know flow-motion isn't actually a real word (as of yet), but then again, there isn't a word in the dictionary that describes Egbert's mission, so we made one up. There wasn't a same-day delivery service between New York City & Philadelphia in 1927 either, so we made that up as well. The point is, we're continually trying to discover new ways that not only change the way you ship, but create an atmosphere of innovation. Flow-motion embodies everything Egbert aspires to accomplish for her customers; if you need something delivered, we will do what it takes to get it there, even if we have to create a new lane for you, or in this case, a new word.